Dixie's Got Talent


What is Donate to Vote?

The Donate to Vote campaign is a way for all audience members (in-person and virtual watchers) to show their support for their favorite acts. By donating to vote, you designate your support/votes to that contestant.

When can I vote?

The voting period is open between about 7 pm on Thursday, January 25, 2024 and the end of the finalist’s performances and after the Red Lion Video (countdown on video). You can vote 30 minutes before the show begins and all during the show through an internet-connected device. Listen closely to the emcee for the final reminder and voting end signal.  All transactions must be completed and processed by the voting period end to count.

How does the scoring work?

The total score is based on a combination of two separate parts, the judge’s scores (60%) and the Donate to Vote (audience vote) (40%).  Judges give scores based on technical skill and the entertainment value of the act. Technical and entertainment scores are summed, added, and then ranked within their age category.

Funds raised through the Donate to Vote campaign are calculated dollar for dollar. At the end of the voting period, total funds raised are compiled and ranked within each age category.

The two rankings (from judges score and Donate to Vote) are added into a formula to calculate the final score ranking.  The highest-ranking contestant in each age category will be named the winner and the second place as runner-up.

In the case of a tie, the participant with the higher overall judge’s score will win. If there is a tie in the judge’s score, the contestant with the higher judge’s technical score wins.

How much does it cost to vote?

There is no set dollar amount to vote. You can choose any amount to designate to your favorites. Donate to Vote ranked scores will be determined by the total dollars raised, not by the number of transactions.

Can I only vote through the Donate to Vote campaign?

Yes, all audience votes (in-person attendees and virtual watchers) are determined through the Donate to Vote and is optional to participate in.  However, it is a great way to support your favorite acts while also benefiting the DGT program and student scholarships at Utah Tech University.

Where do my donations go?

Once you designate your donation to your favorite contestant(s) campaign, funds are received by the DGT program, and net proceeds benefit student scholarships.

If a donation is made or processed outside of the voting period, it may not count toward that finalists total Donate to Vote score, but funds will still benefit the overall DGT program.

How do I vote?

You can support your favorites by “Donating to Vote”. Links to each contestant’s page can be found at utahtech.edu/DGT.

Who Can Vote?

Anyone with internet access can Donate to Vote including those watching via live stream.  Anyone who donates must watch for the voting period closure to ensure their donation is included in that finalists total Donate to Vote score.