Featured Alumni of November 2015

Addison Foote


Addison Foote (’13) was born in St. George, Utah where he grew up loving the sun, red dirt, and the Utah Jazz. He attended Dixie State University from 2006-2013 and graduated from Dixie with a bachelor of arts degree in Computer Information Technology with an emphasis in Visual Technologies. He also served an LDS Mission in Frankfurt, Germany during that time from 2007-2009.

He always loved art and playing sports growing up particularly basketball and skimboarding. He became sponsored by DB Skimboards in 2008 and eventually became president of the UT Skimboarding Club. He later had a knee injury in 2011 that caused him to spend less time skimboarding and playing sports, so he had a lot of free time that he spent focusing on art and design. It was a blessing in disguise.

From school, he learned web development skills he needed to get a job with Sony Artists, The Piano Guys as their website administrator immediately after he graduated. He also does freelance design work for clients such as the NBA and WNBA. Here are some of the places his work has been featured:

  • NBA (Social)
  • WNBA (Social)
  • People Magazine
  • Brands of the World (Social)
  • Adobe (Social)
  • Design Taxi
  • Abduzeedo (Logos & Daily Inspiration)
  • Bleacher Report
  • Rant Sports
  • Fansided
  • Yard Barker
  • Rivista Official NBA Magazine (Will be featured in next month’s issue)

He has had a lot of great memories attending Dixie! He made a lot of great friends and built strong relationships with some of his peers and instructors. He had a lot of fun being involved in activities with the Skimboarding club as well.

Addison’s Behance.net design portfolio reached #1 as the most viewed portfolio in the world (based on weekly numbers).
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