Featured Alumni of June 2015

Brandon & Becky Staples

Brandon Staples Becky

Brandon and Becky Staples (2010 & 2011) attended Utah Tech University at the same time, but did not know each other until their Senior year in school. Kyle Wells (Dean) told them they needed to take the financial negotiations class with Jason Wells. Jason ended up hiring both of them and they were married about a year later. They still thank Kyle to this day! They have a 1 year old boy named Ezra.

Their favorite memories come from their days in DECA. Before they even thought about a love connection, they teamed up to compete in DECA. They placed 1st in state and were able to represent Utah Tech University at the national convention in Tampa, Florida. Doctor Phillip, who ran the DECA program, turned out to be more than a professor but was a great mentor to them both.

Brandon was originally from Mesa, AZ and moved to St. George after serving an LDS mission in Peru. While attending Utah Tech, he was involved with student government as the Business Senator for the 2009-2010 school year, and a member of the X-Club. Brandon is now involved with the St. George Rotary.

Staples Fam-ed

Becky is from From St. George and attended Utah Tech originally in the Biology program with hopes to become a doctor. Thanks to advice from a professor she switched her major to business where she excelled. Becky focused on academics and was the valedictorian for the school of business in 2011. Becky was awarded Student of the Semester and graduated Magna Cum Laude and used it to help her with Mortgage Banking. She now manages a successful branch of First Colony Mortgage. In her spare time she enjoys teaching yoga and hiking with her husband and son.

Both Brandon & Becky put their business degrees to good use and are now managing the boulevard branch of First Colony Mortgage. Together with a few other team members they formed the Staples Group Lending Team. They are grateful to be part of a company that did more loans in Washington County than any other organization. They feel they owe most of this success to the networking connections and learning experiences they had while at Utah Tech University.


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