Featured Alumni of December 2013

Elna Rae Snow Page


Elna Rae Snow Page (’65) was born in Cedar City, Utah. Her parents, Bill (William) and Grace Snow moved from Cedar City to St. George during her formative years and she has spent all but a few select years of her life in St. George since.

The Dixie spirit runs deep in her veins, as her father was the student body president of Dixie College 1921. All of her children have graduated from Dixie State College and have met their spouses while at Dixie. She is also an an alumni of Dixie State College. She is currently serving on the DSU Alumni Association as a Board Member, and has done so for the past 5 years. She has loved serving on the Alumni Board with the other board members.

During her time in St. George she was a Kindergarten and 1st grade teacher for 30 years. Her love for teaching manifested itself through storytelling. She enjoys telling stories, listening to stories and has represented Washington County as a District Story Telling Board Member for many years. She is currently a member of the Literary Arts Book Club, which has been in St. George for over 65 years.

When she was outside of the classroom, she sought opportunities to serve her community and has lent out her home to host voting for over 15 years. She oversaw the Washington County Fair Home Arts Department for 6 years She is also one of the founders of Heritage Week for the City of St. George and also served on the board for 6 years, thereafter.

She had the opportunity in 1996 to serve on the Utah Centennial Committee representing Washington County. She has also served on the Central Committee and is currently serving as the Vice President of the Washington County Republicans Women’s Committee.

She is an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and has held many church callings over the years. “One year while visiting my daughter, she took me to a nativity display, I was so inspired by what I saw I came back to my own community and spear headed the Nativity for 10 years at the LDS Green Valley Stake Center. I enjoy being an active member of my community and playing a part in its growth and development. “

“The one thing I’ve gathered that is beyond measure is the many friends I’ve met along the way. Many of my closest friendships have been formed with the wonderful people i went to school with, and served with. My greatest acheivement by far would be my family. I’m now enjoying the unbelievable world of being ‘Grammie’ to 4 cherished grandchildren, the oldest at 7 years of age.”
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