Featured Alumni of Summer 2021

Stacie Loe '11

Stacie Loe, a 2011 Dixie State University graduate, was recently voted as a 2021 Top Nurse in the state of Utah by the Salt Lake Tribune.

Stacie has worked at the Intermountain Cancer Center in St. George for the past three years and currently serves as a registered oncology nurse. Her mission has been to care for the safety of her patients, advocate for their needs, and treat each patient with compassion and respect.

As a former student at Dixie State University, Stacie said the nursing program effectively prepped her to be the nurse she is today. “It taught me the skills I needed to get a job as a nurse and be successful in my work,” said Stacie.

Stacie says the best advice she would give aspiring nurses is to become a professional Diet Coke drinker and jalapeno Cheetos fan! On a more serious note, she would encourage students to keep an enthusiastic and positive mindset while entering the nursing field.

“It is 100% worth the long hours and hard work you have to put in to get your nursing degree,” said Stacie. “Being a nurse can be very challenging physically, mentally, and emotionally, but it can be such a rewarding career because of the difference you make in someone’s life.”

To read about the difference Stacie has made as part of her work at the St. George Intermountain Cancer Center, view her article at utahtopnurses.com/2021topnurses/. To learn more about DSU’s nursing program, go to health.utahtech.edu/nursing/.