Featured Alumni of June 2014

Gaydon Leavitt


Gaydon graduated from Dixie State in 2004 with an associate of arts degree and finished his education at Southern Utah University with a bachelors in Communications with a minor in marketing. Gaydon’s experience in marketing started with sales and marketing in the tele-communications and automotive industries. After working at a Ford Dealership near Las Vegas as the internet manager, Gaydon left Ford and followed an entrepreneurial spirit that has taken him to this point. January 1, 2007 Gaydon started the company now known as Innovation Simple with a few ideas and a few thousand bucks.

Gaydon has a creative and logical mind. He is known in circles as one who can “create and implement”. His designers eye has helped Innovation Simple develop a strong creative department and his sound logical side has helped him build a successful business. Gaydon has a broad knowledge of marketing and technology, which serves as a great asset to his fellow staff members. Employees are known to consult him on a variety of topics and get intelligent answers. Gaydon is surprisingly able to help marketers, designers, programmers, system administrators, writers, and other professionals improve their process and effectiveness and he works with all of them.

Gaydon and his companies have serviced over 500 small businesses with marketing needs from St. George to Winnipeg to London to the Caribbean. Currently, Gaydon is working on a start-up business within his existing business that is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that he launched January 1, 2014 and which is MarketingMethod.com.

Working full time, going to school full time with the homework included, being on the golf team at Dixie, and dating was ALL he could handle. He has such fond memories of Dixie in every way. Dating was a blast and he had never been busier. He woke up at 4:30 to go to work till noon and then ate lunch on the run to class until 4pm and then went to golf practice til dark. Did homework and dates at night. In his words, “It was CRAZY!”
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