Featured Alumni of September 2020

Pania Clark & Emii Taylor '19

Filled with motivation and passionate about making a difference, Dixie State University Alumni Pania Clark and Emii Taylor helped create a Gratitude Journal to promote mental wellness.

Both students graduated in 2019 with a degree in information technology with a digital design emphasis. During their time at DSU they established lasting relationships with many individuals, including Donna Provost, founder of gratitudejournalusa.com. Donna came up with the initial idea to help people struggling with suicide and other mental health challenges, and she pitched the idea to Pania and Emii, who were thrilled to play a part in helping others by using their design skills to create the appealing journal.

“I hope this journal finds the people who need it most and helps them fight their mental health battles,” Emii said.

Dixie State University’s Alumni Association is proud to highlight the success of these two creative and thoughtful alumni. With the creation of the Gratitude Journal, they are not only helping with suicide prevention and mental wellness, but they are also making a difference in the lives of those who use this uplifting tool.

“This may not be a cure all, but if it helps one person in some small way or prevents someone from making a permanent decision, then it is, and will always be, worth it,” Pania said.

For more information about the Gratitude Journal, or to purchase a copy, visit gratitudejournalusa.com/.