Featured Alumni of December 2015

Julie Larson Poulsen

Dani Eaton1

Julie Larson Poulsen attended Dixie College from ’94-’96. “I loved my time at Dixie,” Poulsen stated. “The classes were smaller and I got a lot of personal time from my instructors. They knew who I was and really cared about me as a student.” Max Rose was one of her favorite instructors. He made chemistry fun. She graduated from Dixie with an Associates of Science before transferring to Utah State where she received her Bachelors of Science with a major in English.

After graduating from Utah State she began working at Nu Skin Enterprises in Provo, Utah in the call center. At the time her husband was doing his student teaching and she was looking for any job. Now 17 years later she still works for Nu Skin and loves it. She has had many different managerial positions, crediting her English degree and college education as a huge help along her career path. She now manages a team of Business Analysts who oversee 20+ applications.

Julie travels all over the world for work but feels she is fortunate with not having to travel too often. While thoughts of traveling throughout Europe and Asia sound exciting to most people, “traveling for work isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be,” Julie states. “The trips consist of a lot of time spent in meetings and airports with hardly any time for sightseeing. It is great though to meet the employees in the countries. After emailing with them for years it is wonderful to put a name with a face.”

Julie currently lives in Springville, Utah and has two daughters, Kylee (18) and Madison (15).