Featured Alumni of September 2016

Kelly Kendall

Kelly Kendall

Kelly Kendall graduated from Dixie State in 1986. He learned many life lessons at Dixie and will always cherish his time as a student as well as the Alumni President, serving on the Board of Trustees and as an employee. “We get out of life what we put into it!” Kelly said. “There are people who truly care about the individual and helping students succeed. Believe in yourself, the sky is the limit so “go for it”!”

His education at Dixie has influenced his desire to ‘live big”, think outside the box and try new opportunities as well as pay it forward and make a difference where ever he goes and with whoever he meets. Kelly is involved with many organizations. He is the Utah State University Fatherhood Education Coordinator for Washington County. CEO – Practice Partners LLC, V.P. Health & Wellness Solutions LLC, Dixie State University Adjunct Faculty Member, and President/Founder of Socks for Souls Non-Profit.

While at Dixie he was in the Utah National Guard and Army Reserves and was called up to serve in Desert Shield & Desert Storm – Veteran. Kelly has received many awards including the Dixie Personality of the Year, Distinguished Alumnus Award, Founders Day Speaker, Soldier of the Quarter Award.

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Kelly loves being active. Some of his favorite hobbies include mountain biking, running in marathons, hiking, writing, and doing things with his family. He is currently writing two books and has discovered that he loves to write. He enjoys doing humanitarian service and will continue to expand “Socks for Souls” Non-Profit as well international humanitarian work which he has done in Central America. He loves to spend time with family, especially his wife and children. “Life is like a good cooking recipe with many ingredients, however, learning to be present and live in the moment is vital to happiness,” he said.

Kelly’s greatest life accomplishment is without question, is his beautiful wife Colleen and his wonderful children. Being a husband and father are his most valued titles.​