Featured Alumni of January 2017

Kristi Thomas


Kristi Thomas (07’) was born and raised here in St. George by the late Dr. Peter A. Nyberg and Lucinda Gray. She is the youngest of eight children and graduated from both Dixie High School and Dixie State College.

Her father was the academic VP of Dixie College for 13 years. He taught at the college for some time then got into the administration at Dixie. “We always loved Dixie growing up, so I just knew I was going to come to Dixie.” She said. “My dad was one of the ones who got the nursing program at Dixie, he was starting to help get the hygiene program here.”

She married her high school sweetheart, Matt Thomas, and has four beautiful children. When she’s not in the dental office, Kristi keeps busy attending her kids’ sporting events and horse competitions. She loves spending time outdoors, riding her hand-cycle, and enjoying the beauty of St. George. Kristi had always wanted to be a dental hygienist and loves her job! She feels privileged to work with the staff and patients at Jamison Cox Family Dental!