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Legacy Program & Scholarship

The Alumni Legacy Campaign is a multi-generational program to enrich and enhance the lives of our alumni and their families. Our first phase of this program is to generate funds for legacy scholarships. Legacy scholarships are available through an application process to children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews, siblings, and spouses of our alumni.

The bottom line to this initiative is that we want our alumni’s children back on our campus as university students. We want to make sure that our alumni and their children feel supported financially in this effort to continue their tradition. You, our alumni, started this tradition and legacy when you came to school. We hope to see your legacy continue through the generations!

Phase two of the legacy campaign will assist in the preparation of your legacy children for their post-high school lives! We are now working with all the colleges and programs on campus to include learning opportunities like music, science, and geology camps, and many others. We are also looking at how we could supplement a child whose education may have a challenge in an area such as English, math, science, technology. We have tremendous resources in the form of people who can guide parents and grandparents with the best practices needed learning specific to the ages and needs of the children in their families.

We are confident these programs and others forthcoming will give our legacy children the help that they need to be ready for their post-high school life. The purpose of these activities is to enrich and enhance the lives of all our alumni and their children.

This is the legacy of your experience, and we want it to continue to your loved ones for generations to come. The time frame for this phase will be over the next few years and will require many hours from faculty, staff and many alumni and community volunteers. We invite you to join us either through expertise, time, or financial resources to assist in making this phase robust and effective.

Legacy Student Opportunities

Legacy Program FAQs

Will these programs be available to community children?

Yes, all of these programs are or will be designed to be offered to community members as well as alumni.

How will we know about these programs?

Programs will be promoted and offered through all alumni channels such as social media, emails, newsletters, and print media.

How will you know what my child’s interests are to get them the right information?

A new system will be implemented where family information can be stored as long as alumni are willing to share limited details about their children like their names, their ages and their interest. This information will be kept confidential and the emails and correspondence about programs or information will be sent to the parents or guardians for consideration of these camps or learning opportunities. The parent or guardian will then be able to make a decision that best fit the needs of their children.

Will there be a cost to these programs?

Yes and no. There will be costs associated with camps and other events that have registration fees associated with them. There will also be many informational pieces and other enrichment activities that will be free and can be done online or on campus.